We dedicated to build simple,
flexible and practical database products.

Our philosophy: Since we are focus on small business in order to help them improve efficiency,
we invent something powerful, simple to use, zero maintenance and perhaps free products,
so that everyone in this industry can enjoy the benefit from it.

Target Users

Small business in apparel, textiles, garment, trims, footwear, bags, luggage, travel goods, headwear, giftware, premium goods, household, home textiles and general merchandise start up business.

Core Value

Our software identify your most generous customers, cheapest, quickest lead-time and best quality suppliers. Improve sales revenue, profit margin, delivery and quality not to mention manpower saving.

Cloud Editions

Today's corporation usually shattered into a worldwide operation. Which would benefit their sourcing capability, however a centralize database on the cloud is needed to gather the vital business information together.

About Us

Our company is specialized in developing business software for start up and small business. Our database solution increase their efficiency, competitiveness, towards office automation and paperless office.

Free Editions

In view of the current situation in Israel, Ukraine, Burma. We want to show our support for these countries, we are pleased to offer free license to them and any other friendly countries (Poland, Baltic countries, etc) that helped Israeli, Ukrainian & Burmese in this difficult moment.


We use Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Data Centre to provide cloud edition solution for all of our database software, Or any other datacenter (AWS) designated by the customer. contact us for an online trial of this state of the art hosting services.

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